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Personal GPS tracker


Are you concerned about the welfare of a vulnerable relative?

Would you both like peace of mind knowing that your loved one can be located and communicated with anytime and from anywhere when out and about?

If so, the Personal GPS tracker could be your ideal solution. It's small and lightweight, but packed full of high performance features. You can instantly find the wearer using your phone or computer, be alerted if a fall is detected or they leave a specified area, or even just talk with them.

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Product Description

The Personal GPS tracker is the perfect solution if you need to keep track of and keep in touch with a child or vulnerable friend or relative.


2 way communication & SOS button

The Personal GPS tracker offers the invaluable benefit of 2 way communication and an SOS button. This means whether it’s a child who’s got lost, a person who feels in danger, or an elderly relative who’s become confused they can just press the SOS button to call up to 3 numbers – and then you can have a conversation just like a phone.  There’s even a call button for non-emergency situations.


Ready to use

We pre-install a Càite SIM card so the Personal GPS tracker is ready to use out the box. Càite specialise in SIMs for Trackers and include their bespoke Locàite smartphone app free. But you are free to choose your own SIM provider and tracking app.


  • Mini sized, weather-proof, and with a rubberised paint, the Personal tracker is easy and comfortable to hold and use.
  • Two way Voice communication with loud, high quality sound.
  • Locàite smartphone app (free with Càite SIM Plans) for real time tracking, alerts and easy control.
  • Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
  • Fall detection alert texts you if the wearer falls over, especially useful for the elderly and infirm.
  • SOS emergency button (texts and telephones up to 3 numbers in turn until answered).
  • Call function (dials 1 preferred number).
  • Voice monitoring option (listen in).
  • SOS emergency button.
  • Geo-fencing alerts if the wearer roams outside a chosen radius.
  • Over speed alerts if the wearer exceeds a chosen speed.
  • No-motion alerts if the Tracker doesn’t move for a set time.
  • Low battery alerts.


In the box

  • Personal GPS tracker
  • Lanyard with detachable keyring clip
  • Quick start sheet
  • Docking station with UK plug
  • USB cable
  • Pre-installed UK SIM card.


Technical details

  • AGPS capability for faster GPS start up time
  • Rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery with maximum standby time of 30days (depending on frequency of tracking). It can be recharged by the docking station or by micro USB (both included).
  • Built in 8MB flash memory.
  • Data logging with up to 60000 locations.