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C550 speed and red light camera detector – Silver


The Cheetah C550 is designed from the ground up to keep getting smarter with time. It's the very latest and most advanced of Cheetah's innovative and award winning GPS speed and red light camera detectors. The C550, utilizing our internationally acclaimed Trinity 3.0 database to the maximum, sets the highest benchmark for consumer GPS speed and red light camera detectors.


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Product Description

The C550 is Cheetah’s  newest and most advanced GPS speed and red light camera detector, designed to fully maximise the potential of our Trinity 3.0 database.  The C550 is the latest in a long line of hugely popular and award winning GPS detectors in use around the world.

You are in complete control over which type of alerts to hear and how they sound. One complete alert sequence comprises an initial heads-up chime, up to four informative spoken voice descriptions for each location, an overspeed alert tone (if travelling above the stored speed limit for that alert) and a final camera pass chime. Alert chimes can be switched on or off to match your preference. Overspeed alert tones can be individually tailored in multiple ways for each different type of alert type to meet your driving style.

The C550’s impressive, bright and easy to read LED display clearly shows all the vital driving and alert information a driver needs.  The yellow digital speedo remains visible at all times, especially in bright sunlight, and the handy clock and compass features keep you nicely informed. During an alert, the current speed flashes to highlight if you are over the speed limit and the clock switches to show a numeric distance countdown to the alert site. There is also an additional distance countdown progress bar to emphasise the alert site proximity or to keep you updated during Average Speed camera systems and Mobile enforcement zones.

The Cheetah C550 speed and red light camera detector is packed with hardware features, including connections for an external GPS antenna, car stereo mute facility, headphone socket and two separate mounting options (dash and windshield). There’s also an optional hard wire kit to allow a more professional installation in your vehicle.

Cheetah undertakes  a programme of continuous alert  enhancement, always looking to improve our multi-point false alert filtering technology and our “effective distance” false alert filtering for each camera location. Additionally, our intelligent multi-directional alert ability is enhanced by an ever increasing number of new alert descriptions to maximise the benefits of our unique Trinity 3.0 database.

The Cheetah C550 is designed from the ground up to keep getting smarter with time.



C550 special features

  • Individually configurable audio for each different type of alert to suit your preferences.
  • Custom alert distances* – select different warning distances for different types of camera.
  • Adjustable screen brightness.
  • Dark mode – for stealth installations, or for night time driving, the display will only light up during an alert.
  • Alert mute – quickly switch off / on the audio for the current alert.
  • Alert cancel – quickly cancel the current alert if required.
  • Whisper mode – keeps the C550 quiet if you are under known speed limits.
  • Adjustable alert speed limit tolerance – increase the overspeed alert activation speed to suit your driving style.
  • Variable warning distance – automatically reduces the alert distance at slower speeds.
  • Personal speed limit – will play a tone each time you exceed your preset speed.
  • Personal locations – store up to 64 of your own locations.
  • Database update reminder – if you forget to update for 6 weeks, your C550 will occasionally remind you.
  • Optional Silent start up.
  • Demo mode.
  • Power up via PC to allow adjustment of settings.


C550 external connection


  • External GPS antenna socket
  • Stereo mute connection
  • Headphone socket


Trinity 3.0 alert presentation methods

Cheetah’s Trinity 3.0 database allows the C550 to present alerts in a variety of different ways to suit the individual conditions at each stored location.

  • Countdown alert with custom alert distance.
  • Countdown alert with Trinity 3.0 defined alert distance.
  • Countdown alert with Trinity 3.0 defined trigger location.
  • Single point alert (no countdown, used to impart relevant information).
  • Average speed zones, calculating your average speed since the start of the zone.
  • Mobile enforcement zones, advising you over longer sections of commonly enforced roads.


C550 onboard menu items

Visit C550 menu for a more in-depth explanation of each menu item.


* Custom alert distances and Overspeed alerts are individually configurable for each type of alert stored in the Trinity 3.0 database:

  • Speed cameras
  • Stored mobile cameras
  • Average speed cameras
  • Average speed exits
  • Safety locations
  • School zones **
  • Information locations
  • Red light cameras
  • Non-ticketing cameras
  • Cameras in tunnel
  • Opposite direction alerts
  • Highway cameras

** School zones is a new feature currently in Beta testing. School zone warnings are not available for all regions.

Existing Gold and Platinum Members - Click for more details

If you already have a Gold or Platinum Membership package, the Trinity database access transfers to your C550. You do not need to buy another Membership.

For existing Platinum Members, the extended 3 year warranty entitlement remains in place for your original Cheetah C50 unit, but does not transfer to new purchases.

Extended 3 year warranties are available to buy separately for additional Cheetah C550 product purchases.

Additional Information

In The Box

Power cord
Windshield mount
Magnetic dash mount
PC download cable
Quick start guide

External Connections

3.5mm headphone socket (headphones not supplied)
External GPS antenna (antenna supplied separately)
Stereo Mute (cable supplied separately)

Power Supply

Standard vehicle 12v

Power Cord

3.5 meters long with illuminated on/off switch and integral 2A barrel fuse.


7.2cm / 2⅞” wide
4cm / 1½” tall
2.6cm / 1″ deep

Update Requirements

PC running Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 10
Internet connection

User Manual

You can view a PDF copy of the C550 User Manual.

How to update

To update your C550, simply log in to the Member’s area, connect your C550 to your Windows computer using the supplied USB cable, then click on the required database region.

If you purchased your C550 and Membership from SpeedCheetah.com you will automatically be registered for warranty and database updates.

If you purchased your C550 from an authorised dealer, you can register on SpeedCheetah.com and complete serial number and purchase details after you log in.