How to update your C50


1) Download the latest C50 update from your Member’s area.
2) Open the C50 software tool that’s saved on your computer and click on “Click here to update GPS database”.
3) Select Manual update (not automatic update).
4) Click Yes to “Do you want to find an update file on your PC?” and select the latest database file from step 1.

If you need to re-download the Cheetah C50 Software Tool and associated USB drivers, members can access these below:

Cheetah C50 Software Tool Version 9006

USB drivers for Windows 8 and above
Cheetah C50 Windows 8 (64 bit) USB driver
Cheetah C50 Windows 8 (86 bit) USB driver

If you have two or more C50s, or if you are unsure which to install, you can install both USB drivers onto the same computer without any problems.

Double click on the downloaded files and follow the on screen instructions to install.

During the USB installation process, if you are presented with the option to uninstall, you should select “cancel”, as your computer already has this USB driver.

After you have installed the USB driver(s), you can now connect your C50 to your PC . The first time you connect, you will notice some small notifications appearing in the bottom right of the screen. The final notification should say “Your device is installed and ready to use”.

Subsequently when you connect your C50, you should hear a positive beep sequence from your PC (if running standard Windows settings). If you hear a negative beep, then the USB driver may not have installed.

Please note these USB drivers are not Cheetah software. By downloading and installing, you are agreeing to the manufacturer’s respective EULAs.

Changing User Settings within the Cheetah C50 Software Tool, Version 9006

  • To enter the user menu, click on the User Settings tab.
  • To read the memory setting, select Read.
  • When you change a user setting, press the appropriate button to Save or Write to save the changes.
  • If your C50 settings are not displayed automatically, and you see the default settings instead, just click on a Read Settings button.
  • User speed – Allows you to save up to 5 different user speeds. Each time you exceed one if these speeds, you will receive a warning. You should avoid setting low speeds here as it could beep often as you accelerate through the specified speed.
  • Warning distance – Adjust the length of time you hear a warning. The blue bars will show you approximate warning distances based on your selection.
  • Save User DB as Excel – You can export your stored user locations.
  • Speed Units – Select mph (miles per hour) or Kph (Kilometres per hour).
  • Local Time – Adjust the time zone. The C50 does not automatcially switch to summertime, but just use the On/Off selection to adjust the time zone for summertime..