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Can I just say I’m very impressed with my C550. Living in north Birmingham, there are a plethora of speed cameras, red light cameras and average speed cameras, they are literally everywhere! My C550 notified me of every one, without exception. Very impressive. The notifications are nice and clear too. I’m so glad I got mine, I wouldn’t drive anywhere now without it.

Geoff, UK

Thank you for the prompt and excellent service I have received from your Team

Paul, UK

I had been looking for a new speed camera device to replace my old obsolete one for a while, all the reviews seemed good, but the main drawback was that I would not be able to update using my mac. After much deliberation I grasped the nettle, bought an old second hand windows laptop and sent off for the C550. So pleased I did as it really is a superb little unit. Being hard of hearing I was over the moon with the volume, clarity and accuracy of the announcements and even for a luddite pensioner, it was so easy to set up. All in all, a great purchase, many thanks to all involved in the development

Neil, UK

My family own 3 x C550’s and have always been impressed by their efficiency. Recently one of them developed a fault, I returned it to cheetah and received a replacement quickly! Credit where credit is due for the excellent customer service. Thank you to the Cheetah team.

Phil, UK

Been using the C550 for a month now. Very pleased with the product. Updating is very easy to do and website is excellent. Certainly makes driving a lot more relaxing. Well worth the money.

Peter, UK

Very impressive, small and unobtrusive. Very pleased with the C550 you won’t buy better, thanks Cheetah

Alan, UK

What a wonderful piece of equipment, The Dial is so clear even on sunny days, also the warning of any cameras pending, the voice is clear and precise. After Sales support is also good. I urge people to try a Speed Cheetah they will not be disappointed.

John, UK

I just want to say you guys are awesome, so much better then any radar detector with red light alerts

Steven, USA

Small product with a very big heart. Can not believe what it can do!

Mick, UK

We bought a C550 when they was launched. On our first attempt we could not upgrade. I sent an email and spoke to someone and that evening we rang again and they linked in to my computer and updated. We have done it ever since. This in my opinion is EXCELLENT PERSONAL SERVICE. Something that is lacking in this day and age.

Charles, UK

I was the proud owner of a C50, upgraded to the C550 magic, best move that I made in 2015 thank you Cheetah keep up the good work.

Terry, UK

Every car should have one. This little box has saved me at least 1,000 dollars in 2 years. Very fast updates, top of the line customer service. I feel at ease when I am driving now, thanks to your product. You got it right. I would like to thank you for caring for us drivers.

Jeffery, USA  

Thank you for all your previous feedback on Cheetah

We greatly appreciate your time replying to our latest survey and have already made some direct improvements based on your requests.

We’ve introduced a camera reporting page within the Member’s area to make it easy to update any alerts. We’ve also been in touch with a number customers regarding specific queries.


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