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We believe in looking after our customers and making sure you have the best driving safety system the industry has to offer. We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt over the last 12 years about GPS speed and red light camera detectors to create our most advanced model – the innovative C550.
Awarded ‘5 stars’ and ‘Best Buy’ by Auto Express in their 2016 speed camera locator test.

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The C550 is a compact, reliable and attractive device. It is…

Easy to read – bright LED display
Easy to use – fully customisable menu options
Easy to hear – 25,000 voice combinations
Easy to update – use the Trinity 3.0 database to get the latest info.

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Our survey results are in!

We recently asked for your feedback on Cheetah. 97% of people who took part told us they were satisfied with Cheetah as a company. Find out more results below.

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Click. Share. Ride Aware with TagAcam.

We’re proud to introduce our new app.
TagAcam is the 100% legal community app for sharing live mobile and fixed speed traps on the go, just by clicking our SmartButton.
Have a look at our newly launched website for more info…